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Minecraft: Block Age Comparison (2020)

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This page features the source links for "Minecraft: Block Age Comparison (2020)".You can find the final corresponding YouTube video here.

Blackstone Blocks, Cracked/Chiseled Nether Bricks, Quartz Bricks, Soul Campfire:


Respawn Anchor:

Polished Basalt:

Nether Gold Ore, Twisting Vine:

Regular/ Stripped Hyphae:

Crying Obsidian, Target Block:

Ancient Debris, Basalt, Nylium, Nether Blocks/Plants, Weeping Vine, Soul Fire/Lantern/Torch/Soil, Shroomlight, Netherite Block, Warped Wart Block:

Honey Block, Honeycomb Block:

Bee Hive, Bee Nest:

Cut Sandstone Slabs:



Sweet Berry Bush:

Jigsaw Block, Lantern:

Barrel, Bell, Lectern, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Cartography/Fletching/ Smithing Table, Grindstone, Stone Cutter:

New Signs/Slabs/Stairs/Walls, Wither Rose, Cornflower, Lily of the Valley, Loom, Smooth Quartz:

Bamboo Stalk/Sapling, Scaffolding:

Dead Coral Plants:

Stripped Bark:

Blue Ice, Conduit:

Sea Pickle:

Dead Coral Fans:

Coral Fans:

Dead Coral Block Variants, Default Shulker Box:

Coral Plants:

Coral Blocks, Dead Coral:

Turtle Egg, Prismarine Slabs/Stairs, Dried Kelp Block, Kelp Plant, Seagrass, Bubble Column, Stripped Logs:

Smooth Sandstone, Uncarved Pumpkin, New Wooden Buttons/ Pressure Plates/ Trapdoors:

Dyed Beds:

Concrete, Concrete Powder, Glazed Terracotta:

Shulker Boxes:


Bone Block, Magma Block, Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Bricks, Structure Void:

Frosted Ice:

Chain/Repeating Command Block:

End Stone Bricks, Purpur Block/Pillar/ Slab/Stairs, Chorus Plant/Flower, End Rod, End Gateway, Dragon Head, Structure Block:

Grass Path:

New Wooden Doors:

New Wooden Fences/Gates:

Red Sandstone Blocks/Slabs/Stairs:


Coarse Dirt, Prismarine, Sea Lantern, Wet Sponge:

Iron Trapdoor:


Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Slime Block:

Beetroot Crops:

Acacia/ Dark Oak Planks:

Acacia/ Dark Oak Slabs/Stairs:

Acacia, Dark Oak:

Stained Glass Blocks/Panes:

Red Sand:

Packed Ice, Podzol, Tall Grass, Large Fern, New Flowers:

Stained Clay/ Colored Terracotta:

Hardened Clay/ Terracotta:

Hay Block, Carpets:


Activator Rail, Quartz Blocks/ Pillar/Slab/Stairs:

Redstone Block, Nether Quartz Ore, Trapped Chest, Hopper, Daylight Detector, Redstone Comparator, Weighted Pressure Plates:

Nether Brick Slab:


Skulls, Heads:

Carrot/Potato Crops, Flower Pot, Item Frame, Wooden Button, Cobblestone Walls:

Beacon, Command Block:

Oak/Spruce/ Birch/Jungle Bark:

Spruce/Birch/ Jungle Stairs:

Emerald Block, Tripwire Hook, Tripwire:

Emerald Ore, Ender Chest, Sandstone Stairs:

Cocoa Pods:

Birch/Spruce/ Jungle Slabs:

Spruce/Birch/ Jungle Planks, Chiseled/Cut Sandstone:

Chiseled Stone Bricks:

Redstone Lamp:

Jungle Sapling:

Jungle Log/Leaves:

Dragon Egg:

End Stone:

Enchanting Table, End Portal, Brewing Stand:


Nether Brick Block/ Fence/Stairs, Mycelium, Nether Wart, Lily Pad:

Smooth Stone, Stone Bricks, Infested Blocks, New Stairs/Slabs, Glass Pane, Oak Fence Gate, Mushroom Blocks/Stem, Melon Plant/Stem, Pumpkin Stem, Vine, Iron Bars:


Grass, Fern, Dead Bush, Oak Trapdoor:

Birch/Spruce Sapling, Cobweb, Detector/ Powered Rail:

Sandstone/Wooden/ Cobblestone Slabs, Redstone Repeater, Bed:

Cake, Dispenser, Lapis Lazuli Ore/Block, Note Block, Sandstone, Birch, Spruce, Wool (New Colors):

Netherrack, Soul Sand, Glowstone, Carved Pumpkin, Jack o'Lantern, Nether Portal:

Oak Fence:


Clay Block, Sugar Cane:


Snow Block:

Ice, Snow:

Redstone Ore/Wire/Torch, Iron Door, Lever, Pressure Plates, Stone Button:

Cobblestone/ Oak Stairs:



Sign (Non-entity), Ladder, Door:


Farmland, Wheat Crops:

Diamond Ore/Block:





Smooth Stone Slab, TNT, Iron Block, Bricks, Bookshelf, Mossy Cobblestone:

Glass, Sponge:

Flowers, Mushrooms, Gold Block, Wool (Old Colors):

Sand, Gravel, Coal/Iron/Gold Ores, Oak Log/Leaves:

Bedrock, Lava, Water:


Dirt, Stone, Planks:

Grass Block, Cobblestone, Air: