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SubZoneGames 3

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SubZoneGames 3 ist eine 2-Spieler Map in der ihr in 10 einzigartigen Minispielen gegeneinander antretet.

The video above showcases the Minecraft map SubZoneGames 3! This map works in the Minecraft Java edition version 1.5. No mods are required!


Quick Info

Can I make a video on this map?

Yes. In fact, you can even publish articles, posts and similar about it! All I ask for is that you give proper credit e.g. provide a link to this page! For more information, look at the copyright license!

Can I reupload the map?

No. You are not allowed to reupload the map or modified versions of it. If you want to modify this map, you may only use it privately without sharing it publically.

I have a problem!

If you experience any problems, check out the Report tab!


By downloading this map, you accept the Copyright License.

Installation Guide
(Java Multiplayer 1.5)

The process may be different for my other maps.

  1. Download the world, and you'll get a zip file in your Downloads folder.
  2. Unpack the zip file. If you don't know how, click here.
    • On Windows 10, right-click the zip file and click "Extract all".
    • On MacOS, double-click the file in your Finder, and it creates a folder with the name of the zip file. Open the folder, and inside, you will find another folder, which is the one that you want!
    • On Linux, you need to install unzip first by entering sudo apt install unzip in ther terminal. After that you can unzip the file using the terminal by typing unzip!
    • If none of the above works, you can try it using the programs WinRar or 7Zip.
  3. Now you have a folder, which is the map.
  4. After you've unpacked the zip file, the contents may have been wrapped in another folder! Open the map folder and if there's only a single folder inside, that folder inside is the actual map! Move that single folder outside, and use it instead!
    • If there is a level.dat file inside the folder, it is the right map folder!
  5. Rename the world folder to world, the most common name used by servers to recognize the folder as a world.
  6. Upload the folder to your hosted server, or add it to your local server.


If the map doesn't work as intended, doing one of the following things may fix the problem.

  1. Check that you're using the right Minecraft version (1.5) and edition (Java).
  2. This map may not work probably on modded servers like Bukkit or Spigot.
  3. Enable command blocks in your server properties.
    • On default servers, you can do so by editing the file and set enable-command-block to true.


If you experience any problems with this map, one of the options below may help you. Should none of those options address your problem, you may want to report a bug.

There may be multiple reasons if the map does not show up in the Singleplayer menu.

  • If you have a lot of worlds, the map might just be buried somewhere in between them in the menu!
  • Some "Unzipping" programs may wrap the unzipped folder in another folder. Open the folder and if there is only a single folder inside, that folder inside is the actual map! Move that single folder outside, and use it instead! If there is a level.dat file is inside that folder, it is the right map folder!

I want to report a bug.