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Assets for "OneBlock"

This page includes all image assets of the map "OneBlock". These images may be used freely in content using, reviewing or promoting the map "OneBlock" privately, commerically, on- and offline.

Empty Minecraft world with a single grass block in the middle of the image
Image 1: You spawn on a single grass block floating in the void.

Minecraft Player standing on a log block, breaking it
Image 2: You can break the blocks and new, different blocks will appear.

Minecraft chest floating in the void with heart particles around it
Image 3: Even chests can appear with special and rare items!

Minecraft wooden farm of carrots, melons and pumpkins, surrounded by chests, all floating in the void
Image 4: You can build your own base using this single infinite block!

Minecraft, with the screen darkened and a title text in the middle, saying "The end is near..."
Image 5: You can even reach the End!

Unlit end portal below the infinite block floating in the void, surrounded by end particles
Image 6: When you reach the last phase's end, an end portal will spawn!

A chest urrounded by end particles above a lit end portal in the void, while the sun is setting
Image 7: There are also super and rare chests!

Bedrock block floating in the void with the text "Upgrading in 5" floating above it
Image 8: There are 10 phases, and the infinite block will upgrade after each one of them!