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Assets for "Death Star"

This page includes all image assets of the map "Death Star". These images may be used freely in content using, reviewing or promoting the map "Death Star" privately, commerically, on- and offline.

Iron column-like structure enclosed by 4 black spherical rings
Image 1: I started with an inner column and then made a sphere around it.

Iron column-like structure almost completely enclosed by nearly-finished black sphere
Image 2: Creating the sphere using commands took around 2 hours.

Spherical space station "Death Star" floating in the void
Image 3: After that, I decorated the outer shell and added more inner parts.

Death Star at night firing a great green laser beam
Image 4: The Death Star can launch a planet-destroying laser beam!

Control center with a lever and lights, looking out through a window at the inner cannon structure of the Superlaser
Image 5: I made an control center to fire the Superlaser.

A red iron column ending in the middle of two emerald green rings with green particles inbetween them
Image 6: An energy field will be created before the Superlaser fires.

Diverse iron structures inside the Death Star sphere
Image 7: An energy amplifier comes from the reactor core and is connected to the Superlaser.

A wall of connected iron structures making up the inside of the Death Star
Image 8: Diverse technologies make up the inside of the Death Star.