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Fan Art

Updated on April 15, 2020

Welcome to my fan art page! Here I upload the fan art my dear viewers sent to me! Each piece has the creator linked below it, and I recommend you check them out!

Send in your art

You have some fan art for me? Thank you very much first of all! If you want me to share it here, you can send it to me either on Twitter or with an e-mail, which I would prefer since Twitter compresses the images! Show e-mail address

Fan art showing the head of IJAMinecraft's Minecraft skin, which is blue with two large, reflective black eyes, no nose, and a mouth hidden by a purple scarf around the lower part of the head
, © Bolo128_2, Tweet (Unfinished Version)
Fan art showing IJAMinecraft's blue Minecraft skin with a purple scarf holding an orange command block, with the text "IJA" in bold letters above it, and a green decorated christmas tree and an orange gray machine in the background, on the latter of which a white snow golem with a pumpkin as its head is standing
, © benjiwall03, Tweet

Thank you!

A ton of thanks to the awesome people who took the time out of their day to make me some awesome fan art! I love every single one of you! 💗 Continue staying awesome!