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Assets for "Zombie Army"

This page includes all image assets of the data pack "Zombie Army". These images may be used freely in content using, reviewing or promoting the data pack "Zombie Army" privately, commerically, on- and offline.

Multiple rows of armored Minecraft zombies standing in formation
After the army gets summoned, it's ready and lined up.

Multiple rows of zombies with a prominent zombie to the right holding a shield and a trident
The zombies have random equipment, including shields and tridents.

Minecraft zombie army marching through a burning forest
The zombies can burn down forest and houses!

Minecraft zombie army marching towards a stone castle while throwing tridents
The zombie army can storm castles and throw spears from afar!

Minecraft zombies storming through a burned down castle gate into the castle's plaza
The zombies can quickly break through most obstacles!