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Data Pack1.15Java Edition

Zombie Army



Adds an army of 100 zombies to your world, which can overcome mountains, burn down forests, climb walls and overtake castles!

Watch my video above to see how you can install the Minecraft data pack Zombie Army in your Minecraft world! This data pack works in the Java edition of Minecraft, version 1.15. No mods are required!

Installation Guide
(Java 1.15)

The process may be different for my other data packs.

  1. Download the data pack, and you'll get a zip file in your Downloads folder.
  2. Singleplayer: Open your Minecraft saves folder.
    1. On Windows, you can do so by pressing (Windows key) + R at the same time.
    2. A window will open, and you need to enter %appdata% in the text field.
    3. The Windows explorer will open, so click on the .minecraft folder.
    4. Inside, open the saves folder, which contains all your worlds.
  3. Multiplayer: Access the world folder on your server.
  4. Open the world folder.
  5. Inside the world folder, double-click the datapacks folder.
    • If there is no datapacks folder, you can create it yourself.
  6. Drag the data pack into the datapacks folder.
    • Do not unzip the file! Drag the file as it is into the datapacks folder!
  7. Open the world in Minecraft, and the data pack will be running.


If the data pack doesn't work as intended, doing one of the following things may fix the problem.

  1. Check that you're using the right Minecraft version (1.15) and edition (Java).
  2. Singleplayer: If you have any mods installed, problems might occur.
  3. Multiplayer: This data pack may not work on Bukkit (or other modded) servers.


  • Release 1.0.1 stable, 2020/01/23
  • Initial Release 2020/01/19

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And a second video in one week! This is the first time that happened in years 😂 Link

January 19, 2020