Data PackJava Edition

30 Second Killer Machine 1.15



Adds a gamemode to your Minecraft world, where the game tries to kill the player every 30 seconds with many random events!

Watch my video above to see how you can install the Minecraft data pack 30 Second Killer Machine in your Minecraft world! This data pack works in the Java edition of Minecraft, version 1.15. No mods are required!

How To Install

Installation Guide for 1.15

The installation process may be different for my other data packs.

  1. Download the data pack.
    • After the download is complete, you'll have a zip file in your Downloads folder.
  2. Unpack the zip file.
    • You can do so using a program like WinRar or 7Zip.
    • In Windows 10 (and other modern operating systems), you can right click the zip file and click "Extract all" to unpack it.
  3. After the zip file is unpacked, you got a folder. This is the data pack.
  4. Now, open your Minecraft folder:
    1. In Windows, you can do so by pressing (Windows key) + R at the same time.
    2. A window will open. Write %appdata% inside and press Enter.
    3. The Windows explorer with a selection of folders will open.
    4. Click on the .minecraft folder.
  5. Now, open the Minecraft world, where you want to install the data pack:
    1. Double-click on the saves folder inside, which contains all your Minecraft worlds.
    2. Select the folder for the world, and double-click it.
  6. Inside the world folder, double-click the datapacks folder.
    • If there is no datapacks folder, you can create it yourself.
  7. Drag the data pack into the datapacks folder.
  8. Now open the Minecraft world, and the data pack will be up and running.
  9. You may also need to enable cheats in your Minecraft world.
    • When creating a world, you can select to allow cheats in the options.
    • If the world already exists, you have to open your world as a LAN server. You can do so in your options after pressing ESC. If you opened the LAN menu, you can turn the option to allow cheats on.
    • On a server, you may need operator (admin) rights.

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I've updated the "30 Second Killer Machine" data pack. Fixed a few bugs, adjusted some numbers, and I added some brand new events to replace some of the old ones. Enjoy! o(^▽^)o

December 23, 2019

Yay, a new video finally.
I tried to make a new game mode this time, but might have overdone it a little :'D Link

December 21, 2019