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Mining Drills

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Command that adds two different mining drills to your world!

The video above showcases the Minecraft command Mining Drills! This command works in the Minecraft Java edition version 1.11. No mods are required!


Quick Info

Can I make a video on this command?

Yes. In fact, you can even publish articles, posts and similar about it! All I ask for is that you give proper credit e.g. provide a link to this page! For more information, look at the copyright license!

Can I reupload the command?

No. You are not allowed to reupload the command or modified versions of it. If you want to modify this command, you may only use it privately without sharing it publically.

I have a problem!

If you experience any problems, check out the Report tab!

Get the Command

By using this command, you accept the Copyright License.

Installation Guide
(Java 1.11)

The process may be different for my other commands.

  1. Copy the command.
    • Highlight the command, right-click it and then click on "Copy" in the context menu.
  2. Open Minecraft and enter your world.
    • Make sure that your world has cheats enabled. In Java Edition, you can enable cheats in existing worlds by opening it as LAN server using the options menu.
  3. Give yourself a command block by entering the following command in the chat:
    /give @p minecraft:command_block
  4. Place the command block down and open it.
  5. Paste the command inside. If you don't know how, click here.
    • Windows: Pasting the command can be done by pressing CTRL and V at the same time. There may also be some keyboards that use the STRG and V keys instead.
    • MacOS: You can paste the command by pressing CMD and V at the same time.
  6. Click on "Done" in the menu of the command block.
  7. Activate the command block by placing a redstone torch beside it.


If the command doesn't work as intended, doing one of the following things may fix the problem.

  • Check that you're using the right Minecraft version (1.11) and edition (Java).


  1. Enable cheats in your world.
    • When creating a world, you can allow cheats in the options.
    • If the world already exists, you have to open your world as a LAN server. You can do so in your options after pressing ESC. After you opened the LAN menu, you can turn the option to allow cheats on.
  2. If you have any mods installed, there might be complications. Try running the command without them.
  3. If you already have other commands running, that might break certain features of the command.


  1. Enable command blocks in your server properties.
    • On default servers, you can do so by editing the file and set enable-command-block to true.
  2. Give yourself operator rights.
    • On default servers, you can do so using the command: /op YourName
  3. This command may not work on Bukkit (or other modded) servers.


If you experience any problems with this command, one of the options below may help you. Should none of those options address your problem, you may want to report a bug.

Commands often have problems when used on modded servers like Bukkit and Spigot. Sometimes they might work, but a lot of the time they do not work, partially or completely. It's recommended to use this command on the default Minecraft server.

If the command does not do anything and only gives an error message in the chat, it's very likely that you are using the command in the wrong Minecraft version. This command is only for Minecraft version 1.11.

I want to report a bug.