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About this website

Updated on June 22, 2020

Welcome to my website! Here I upload my creations and tutorials for the sandbox game Minecraft. I'm always tinkering around with new ways to improve my website and content! So, expect frequent design changes and awesome new features on a regular!


Back in 2015, I was producing a lot of videos about Minecraft commands on my YouTube channel. These commands were rather long (30000 characters on average), and they would break if I put them into my videos' descriptions. So I shared them using a website called Pastebin, which allowed for sharing text online! Sadly, my free account quickly ran out of space, so I decided to set up a website instead!

The problem was, I didn't know anything about web development at the time. The great Tim Woocker helped me set up the web server and made the first design of the website!

Screenshot showing an old design with a navigation bar at the top, a blue and red banner below, another white and red banner below that, with an introduction paragraph of text below that
Screenshot of,

Over the years, the website went through a lot of designs and changes, but its essence stayed the same. It was still a Minecraft-themed website for me to publish my Minecraft creations for other Minecrafters to view, download and enjoy!

After a while, I got the handle on web development, and I started re-designing the website myself! You could say that I discovered my passion for web design, which is still going strong today! Like that, the website pretty much got a full re-design every year! And besides the noticeable visual changes, there were also a lot of improvements in the back end, from page speed improvements to accessibility features! Even now, I still add new features to the website every month!

I hope you enjoy the site! If you discover any problems and bugs, please report them here!


Screenshot showing an old start page of with a stone background, and 4 Minecraft buttons in the center, the IJAMinecraft logo above them and a footer with additional links below them
Screenshot of,
Screenshot showing an old design with a navigation bar at the top and the rest of the screen being filled with a screenshot of a Minecraft sky with a red button in the center on top of it, saying "Visit me"
Screenshot of,
Screenshot showing an old design with a navigation bar at the top, and an animated banner below it showing a blue Minecraft skin with the text "IJAMinecraft" above it and with blue squares randomly placed and rotated in the background
Screenshot of,